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I have been teaching French to non-Franco-phone adults for more than 10 years, and helping them to discover France, sharing its culture and language is a great pleasure.

I offer French courses at the Center (next to the bilingual school) or at the student's home. Day and evening classes are offered in groups (maximum 5 pupils) or one to one.

A test determines the level of the student. The content of the courses depends on the choice of the student: written and oral expression, written and oral comprehension, grammar, discovery of French culture, discussion from documents, preparation for Delf A1, A2, B1, B2.

I also make quotes to companies that reimburse French courses for expatriate employees

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information :
here on Autour de Toi or

mail :
Tel : 06 52 83 47 16

Depuis plus de 10 ans, j'enseigne avec plaisir le français aux étrangers. J'essaie de leur faire découvrir la France, sa culture et sa langue. Apprendre le français doit être un plaisir

Je propose des cours de français au centre (à côté de l'école bilingue) ou au domicile de l'élève. Les cours sont assurés en groupe (maximum 5 élèves) ou one to one pendant la journée et le soir. Un test détermine le niveau de l'élève.

Le contenu des cours est fonction du choix de l'élève : expression écrite et orale, compréhension écrite et orale, grammaire, découverte de la culture française, discussion à partir de documents, préparation au Delf A1, A2, B1, B2.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour en savoir plus."

J'effectue des devis auprès des sociétés qui remboursent les cours de français des employés expatriés

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Commentaires (7)

Luke D

il y a 7 ans

I have been a student of Caroline's for nearly 2 years, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Her lessons are always challenging, fun, engaging and topical. She has taken my French to a level where I can understand and communicate complex topics with native French speakers. She is highly organised yet very flexible when it comes to student input.

If you are looking to accelerate your French and learn about French culture you can't go past Easy French.


Marilyn G

il y a 7 ans

I have been having French lessons with Caroline since arriving in France 18 months ago, starting as an absolute beginner. Her lessons are the perfect blend of vocabulary, grammar and conversation with an important emphasis on written French as well. She has been a huge support also helping me understand the intricacies of French life as my family settles into a new country on the other side of the world!

Yvette M

il y a 7 ans

I met Caroline as a teacher 14 years ago when I arrived in France and can highly recommend her as a French teacher. Caroline is an excellent teacher; not only because she teaches you interesting content but as it is really important to her that you understand the French way of life. Through her you learn about French habits and lifestyles and better understand their culture. Her courses are always well researched and she encourages you not only to learn the written language but to speak and pronounce the words correctly. Caroline speaks a few languages very well which helps you when you are learning French. She is very inclusive and manages to integrate her students incredibly well into the life in Maisons Laffitte.

Fiona M

il y a 7 ans

I had lessons with Caroline for several years, and only stopped when I started working again and could no longer find the time. She is a kind and patient teacher and lessons were always interesting and relevant to life here in France. Caroline clearly put a lot of effort into preparing the lessons ahead of time. She is also a very good source of local knowledge which was very helpful.

I would recommend Easy French to anyone looking for lessons - regardless of current level.

Jirina J

il y a 7 ans

I was a student of Caroline's for 5 years and I was nothing but satisfied with not only her teaching skills but with her helpful tips for discovering and living french culture. As a teacher, she covered every aspect of french grammar with emphasis on conversation and taught me vocabulary that I was using in everyday life in France. She adapted her classes to suit my weak spots in french language and everyday situations I found myself in living in France. Caroline is a very attentive teacher as well as a person and I am more than grateful to call myself her studend and her friend.


Monika D

il y a 7 ans

Arriving in France 13 years ago someone recommanded Caroline as a teacher. Best thing that could happen to me. After 3 months of intensive learning with her, I was able to speak and understand french and one year later I was fluent in speaking and writing, with only a light accent. As a german native I appreciated the efficiency and very well prepared lessons. As a stranger in France her help to make me understand french culture and habits were inestimable. That she speaks also very well german was helpful too in the beginning. It is mostly thanks to her that I could adapt and integrate in France so fast and that today I'm feeling home in this country. I doubt that one could find a better teacher.

Als ich mich vor 13 Jahren in Maisons-Laffitte niedergelassen habe, wurde mir Caroline als Lehrerin empfohlen. Es hätte mir nichts besseres passieren können. Nach drei Monaten Intensivkursen konnte ich bereits ganz gut sprechen und fast alles verstehen, nach einem weiteren Jahr war mein Französisch flüssig in Wort und Schrift, mit lediglich einem leichtem Akzent. Ihre Kurse sind nicht nur sehr gut vorbereitet, effizient und interessant, sondern vermitteln ausserdem ein Verständnis der französischen Kultur und Lebensweise. Natürlich war es am Anfang ebenso hilfreich das sie ausgezeichnet Deutsch spricht und Tips für das alltägliche Leben geben konnte. Das ich mich in Frankreich leicht und schnell eingelebt habe und mich heute hier zu Hause fühle verdanke ich zum großen Teil Caroline. Ich kann mir keinen besseren Lehrer (Lehrerin) vorstellen.

Susan W

il y a 7 ans

I had been living here for a few years & had felt my French had reached a plateau. I started having lessons with Caroline almost a year ago & since then, I have felt my French has really improved. It's always a pleasure to attend the classes. Caroline is a kind & patient teacher & adapts each class towards the individual student. The subject matter is always interesting & I have learnt a lot about French culture as well as improving my vocabulary & grammar. I can thoroughly recommend Caroline as a French teacher.

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