Better your French

Better your French with Pascale Tennant-Courteix, a local qualified teacher

I propose
A number of independant several-weeks 1 hrs30 thematic workshops in French at the restaurant "Graine de Gourmandise"

  • Private tailored lessons in the Yvelines or in Paris
  • lessons through webcam

Tax credit of 50% of the total payment on taxes if at home.

Je propose
Sur 2 semaines des ateliers thématiques (indépendants les uns des autres) de français langue seconde, chacun d'1h30 à GRAINE DE GOURMANDISE, 68 RUE DE PARIS, Maisons-Laffitte.
* Cours privés sur mesure dans les Yvelines et à Paris
* Cours en ligne.

Explications en français ( anglais si préférable.)
Crédit d'impôt de 50% du paiement si à domicile

Cours de langue, French lessons

Code Postal: 78600
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Annonce créée 27 août 2018

Commentaires (3)

Konrad K

il y a 2 ans

The teaching method of Pascale enabled me to learn quickly and contained substantial content. I was given as much homework as I wanted, which was corrected the next time in an quick and efficient way. Pascale clarified the language with different approaches, from comparison with my native language or English, also showing the difficulties that may occur when I would put it into practice. She likes structure and in depth teaching. Being a beginner, I feel now that I do not need to go back over the spoken and written French I learnt with Pascale. The fact that we could interact in English helped tremondously as well.

Utilisateur supprimé

il y a 2 ans

I have been a student of Pascale's for more than one year. She is very experienced and able to quickly assess a student's level and individual needs and plan accordingly. Her methodology is well-structured and she accommodates each student's individual goal - from a beginner who is wishing to integrate more in the community to more advanced students who e.g. wish to do the DELF exams for professional reasons, pursue further studies in tertiary french institutions or to obtain french nationality. She is very warm, understanding and also very clear in her explanations. I enjoy my lessons with her very much.

Anastasia G

il y a 1 ans

I have attended Better Your French phonetics workshop in February 2019. Pascale is an excellent teacher. She is using a system of associating sounds with hand signs that makes it easier to remember all different rules for prononciation. She is patient and is able to give individual attention to everyone in the group, concentrating on the most difficult sounds for each person. You will also receive a lot of printed out materials that will make a great reference tool to help you learn and practice the phonetics on your own. The best part is that those materials are accompanied by the recordings which are invaluable for mastering French pronunciation. I highly recommend Pascale's phonetics workshop to anyone with beginner to intermediate level of French. You will sound much better and more understandable to a native speaker, and you will be able to recognize your pronunciation mistakes and correct them.

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