Our family lives in Sartrouville and is composed of 3 adorable girls: Ambre (5), Victoria (3,5), Anna-Rose (6 months) and the parents Laurent and Lina (adorable as well !).

Ambre and Victoria go to Malherbe International School (located in le Vésinet, 20-min drive from home)

We are looking for an English-speaker nanny to pick Ambre and Victoria up at school at 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, to drive them home (with our car) and look after them until 6.30 pm. Occasionally, and depending on the nanny availability we would also need babysit on Wednesday, some evenings, and week-ends. 

French Contract « garde à domicile » . Average of 12h work / week. Possibility for hourly rate, or fix smoothed compensation per month.

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Code Postal: 78500
Annonce créée 15 mai 2021

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