Discover MLI - Maisons-Laffitte International

The association propose to connect the international community. Whether you have just arrived or you have been in Maisons Laffitte for some time, whether you are french or coming from a different culture, this is a space for everyone to unite.
The association welcomes newcomers and organizes events for networking, family days, parties, sport outings, potlucks, workshops to name a few. Maisons Laffitte is not only open for those who would like to join as members, but also for those who would like to become part of the organizational team.

MLI brings together men and women from all over the world in Maisons-Laffite and Le Mesnil Le Roi. The main purpose is to share and enjoy cultural activities, events and businesses between the members.

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Photos : Sophie Lottefier

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Code Postal: 78600
Annonce créée 15 fév. 2020

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